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4 February 11


How can you NOT love Montreal?

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    How how is Smack Daddy, for srs.
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    "Those cute little dancing neon Canadians are coming…. To kick yo derby ass."
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    YES. I’m going to buy some neon today. It saddens me that I will never be as awesome as them. I fell in love this past...
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    Having now played against them *and* watched them play, I can safely say these fierce bitches are my favourites of ALL...
  6. pulpitoisanoctopus answered: Most awesome team ever!
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  8. runawayhearse answered: I KNOW RIGHT.
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    We’re hosting Montreal for our home opener. Lord knows we love these crazy Canadians, but we’re going to have to send...
  11. rollergirlworldwide answered: If you don’t love Montreal then you have no soul - Val Capone 2009
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